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Whole Watermelon Jelly 丸ごとスイカゼリー
Whole Watermelon Jelly 丸ごとスイカゼリー
Whole Watermelon Jelly 丸ごとスイカゼリー

Whole Watermelon Jelly 丸ごとスイカゼリー - decocookie

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This channel introduces Japanese DIY Candy(including Popin'Cookin,meiji,glico,coris,MUJI ...etc.) Wagashi(Japanese-style confectionery) and original sweets.Basically,I'll upload a new video(no-music) on Monday and upload a video(on music/about 1min/fast-forward) on Friday,and on a whim(when I would like to show something to you)! I make this channel with my husband. If you like our video,please subscribe our channel;-) decocookie♥channleは、日本の可愛くて面白いお菓子(知育菓子、和菓子、洋菓子)を紹介しているチャンネルです。基本的には音楽なしの動画を月曜日夜に、音楽ありの短い1分動画を金曜日に、また、気が向いたときにもアップします(゚∇^*)姉妹チャンネルのjapanese stuff channelは夫がメインでやっています。もし気に入っていただけたらチャンネル登録してくださいね!(o­^-^o)

Video description
i made Whole Watermelon Jelly!
Thank you for worrying us!;) I and jsc is safe but the Kumamoto Prefecture is took on a lot of damage from the earthquake.
So we made this video with Kumamoto watermelon for supporting them.


main ingredients
watermelon(watermelon juice is about 900ml)
instant gelatin(about 20g)

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