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Duck Run
Duck Run
Duck Run

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Taking Charley the duck for a walk

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Cute Duckling - Funny Baby Duck Videos Compilation - AWW

Cute Duckling - Funny Baby Duck Videos Compilation - AWW Thanks For Watching ! Please Like Share & Comment If You Like This Video ! Subscribe for new video --------------------------------------------------------------- Amazing playlist video on Funny Animals Channel: Funny Dogs Compilation➞ Funny Dogs and Babies➞ ---------------------------------------------------------------- P/s: Thanks for watching video ! Don't forget subscribe my channel ➞ ----------------------------------------------------- If you see a clip that you own that you did not submit or give consent for use, we have likely received false permissions and would be happy to resolve this for you! Please drop us a line at

Egg Swap (HOW TO get more babies in a hatch)

If you'd like to learn more about animal care or just see lots of cute baby animals, please check out my channel and subscribe! ( How to get more babies in a hatch. I wanted to hatch as many call ducks as i could but was worried she couldn't handle that many eggs. If they have to many eggs, she wont be able to keep them all warm enough and the cold eggs will keep getting rotated around with the warm ones and that can kill the babies.... SO if you have something else that's broody... pawn them off. When the...

171 Ducklings Swimming In Their New Pool For The 1st Time #12 Raising Ducks Day 16

Right now over 1,000+ Ducklings Live on the channel check it out See These Ducks Going To The Lake: - Really Cute Duckling & Duck Videos: - ------------------------------------------ This was cute the Ducklings followed me whistling to their new pool a lot of them went in for a swim, it's interesting at the 1:04 minute mark. Since this video they all have swam in the pool and cleaned themselves up, no more feces on their back. ------------------------------------------- Help feed the ducks get a limited edition official “50 Ducks In A Hot Tub” T-shirt today click here to purchase...

Funny Animal Vines! - Funny Animals Playlist! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Epic Funny And Retarded Animal Vines! Funny Animals Compilation 2015 dogs fail cats fail cats jump fail funny animal vines animal vines funny vines

Cuddly Baby Duckling Compilation

Enjoy this compilation of cute little ducklings. They love swimming together with their fellow duck family and friends. There is no such thing as an ugly duckling! They're all fluffy, super adorable and funny to watch. Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE this video. COMMENT below and let us know what animals compilations you would love to see! Facebook ► Subscribe ► Link to original videos: Cute Duckling Follows Man - Wild baby ducks with mom - CUTE baby ducks first time in water! - Saving baby ducks stuck in a storm drain - Duckling Daisy's First Bath And Poop - Funny Baby...

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We hatched baby Ducks!

We decided to do an embryology project this year with our 4-H club. We could have hatched chicks, geese, quails, or ducks, and we choose the ducks! We had 10 eggs, but only 4 hatched. It took over 48 hours between when they first started to pip, to when they were out of their shells. Little Tiny Tim was born underdeveloped. He was still attached to his yolk sac and his eyes were still sealed shut. We were sure he wouldn't make it. But we wouldn't give up on him! We kept...

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Baby ducks in my pool! First day of life. An amazing story.

Adorable ducklings born in flower pot, swim in the pool in their first day of life. Mom takes them to the water right away, then desperately attempts to teach them how to get out. Unbelievable experience. All images recorded in our backyard. NOTE: I love making videos, but I realize they take a lot of time and a significant effort. Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed. Thank you! :-) Audio tracks: "Malmo sunrise", by the 126ers; "Harvest time", by Silent Partner; "Floaters", by Jimmy Fontanez.

2 Day Old Baby Duck Running Around on My Bed

I rescued this cute little duckling so it could actually have a chance at life because the lake behind my house is not safe (even under it's mother's care) because of all the predators like birds of prey, herons, pelicans, large bass and catfish, snapping turtles, snakes, raccoons, foxes, etc. For years I have observed the number of ducklings decreasing in large numbers at an alarming rate - DAILY! The mother ends up with NO ducklings. None of the ducklings ever survive, except for this lucky duck in this video!

The Duck Song

Song by Bryant Oden. Video by Forrest Whaley. iOS app out now! Works on iPod Touch, iPad, & iPhone... Get the song... Get the shirt... Oh hey, there's also a book... Thanks so much for watching and sharing! :) ______________________________________________ MORE DUCK SONGS: OTHER SONGS: FACEBOOK: